Things to do this weekend

It’s already November!  I cannot believe how fast time goes by. As far as I remember, fall had just started and there was still plenty of time before the Christmas holiday, but guess what?! A couple of days ago Starbucks introduced the red cups again and we all know what that means, right?! It means Christmas is almost there…and so is winter.

Anyway, let’s take the most of autumn as long as we still can, because the Pumpkin Spice Latte is out of the Starbucks menu and there is little left before the pumpkins are out of the supermarkets too.

This weekend some of your might focus on sport, some others might focus on shopping and some might have no idea what they will be up to. For those ones (and also for the others) check out the cool activities you can do this weekend!

Wear a Fendi mohawk | Learn how to make healthy snacks | Make your own neon stilettos | Jump in a pil of leaves | Eat a delicious chocolate muffin with a venti Cappuccino

What are your plans this weekend? Tempted to try any of the above activities?


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