DIY Sharpie Mug

I think it’s time for another DIY session and considering it’s the middle of the week and some of you might already be drinking there tenth coffee or tea, I believe a sharpie mug DIY is the way to go.

How lovely is it when you drink your coffee in a cute mug? Doesn’t it make your beverage a lot more pleasant to drink? I mean there is a reason why the Starbucks red cups are so famous, there is a reason why all trendy coffeehouses try to have unique looking cups. It’s because at the end of the day, the cup/mug in which you drink you coffee is part of the whole experience, right?

So let’s get creative and make some lovely looking mugs.


What do you think of those DIY sharpie mugs? Will you try making  them?


4 thoughts on “DIY Sharpie Mug

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