4 ideas for a healthy lifestyle


How often have you found yourself rushing to finish something on time, feeling full because you had way to much for diner, exhausted because you didn’t sleep enough for no good reason or poorly dressed because you had no time to find the perfect outfit for the day?

Time management and healthy lifestyle are keys to a well managed life. It helps you live your life in a relaxed, but very efficient way. Some people believe that you are the most efficient when you are overwhelmed with stuff to do, but I don’t think so. Being always overbooked and feeling like you don’t have a minute to breath and relax shows poor time management skills and makes people doubt on your ability to do things.


I know that having enough time to do it all is almost impossible and to be honest you shouldn’t need to do it all. The only thing you need, is to have healthy habits and get rid of the time you waste for no good reason! To do so, find below a list of 4 ideas that could make you save time and spend it on something better.

1. Choose your outfit for the next day so you don’t waste too much time in the morning and can even afford to sleep a little longer, which could mean going to bed a little later.

2. Put your keys in the same place everyday so you won’t waste time in the morning looking for them, going crazy and missing you train/bus/metro.

3. Carry a schedule and a notepad for ideas. You never know when you’re gonna have a good idea and by carrying a notepad you make sure that no great idea will be forgotten.

4. Carry a hand sanitizer in your purse to get rid of germs. To make it more fun to use, choose a hand sanitizer that smells good.

What are you healthy habits? I would love to hear about them!

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