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Seems like the peplum trend won’t die

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Come on…not that trend again, right?! I don’t know for you but it almost feels like peplum is the new black. It really looks like designers as well as women can’t get enough of it. At first, I was a little annoyed to see this trend on the runway again, but then I thought about it and understood the reasons why peplum is still very trendy.

1. It emphasizes your waist and makes your silhouette look great

2. You can wear peplum pants, peplum shirts, peplum dresses, peplum jackets and even peplum coats.

3. You can have it on all sizes, colors and fabrics…almost like a belt.

4. If you actually have a peplum belt, it can make a boring office dress look totally trendy for your next afterwork party.

After having thought about it, I realized that I actually love the peplum trend and I truly hope it won’t die anytime soon.

Check out some of FaBC’s favorite peplum items to wear this season.

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Parabal Gurung Top | Bernshaw Pink Dress | Plein Sud Top | Pied à Terre Top | Ted Baker Coat | Steve Madden Coat | Tory Burch Top

What about you? Are you going to wear peplum this season?


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