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Who doesn’t love emerald green?

Capture d’écran 2013-10-20 à 18.32.47Who didn’t love the dress Carrie Bradshaw was wearing during the final scene of Sex and the City 2. I still remember talking about it with some of my friends and we were saying that we would wear this dress any time, any day. I like to think that emerald green was trendy since then, in 2010, when we all saw it in Sex and the City 2.

I guess many will be excited to know that emerald green is one of the season’s trendiest color as we saw it in many collections on the runway. I specially love this color because it’s a vivid and autumn color that goes perfectly with the other classic fall colors such as beige and brown.

Usually most of the autumn colors are not very vivid and outstanding, and I believe there is something truly wrong about not adding a splash of color to your life for an entire season. Remember how trendy burgundy and red wine were last fall. Well I like to think that this season, emerald green is the new burgundy.

As soon as I saw this color, I absolutely fell in love with it, but I have a confession to make…I don’t actually own any emerald green item (…heavy silence…)! And this is exactly why this weekend I will dedicate my time and energy to buy some beautiful emerald green items. Ideally I would like to have emerald green shoes, an emerald green scarf with patterns and an emerald green velvet item.

Lanvin Crystal Ring | Stella McCartney Bag | Badgley Mischka Dree II pumps

Do you also love this color? Which item would you like to have in emerald green?


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