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5 pair of shoes to have for fall

One of my favorite pair of shoe for fall is the punk-chic pair of boots from the Saint Laurent collection. I admit that I am not a huge fan of his collection, because I think it is not in line with the great Yves Saint Laurent’s style. Nevertheless. even though I would rather see those boots under the label “Jean Paul Gaultier”, I have to admit that they look good.

Saint Laurent

 Saint Laurent - Fall 2013

Another “must-have” are those amazing Gucci ankle boots. I love how the boot looks like a high heel derby, but in an enhanced version. I would wear them at work with a nice and feminine suit such as the one designed by Saint Laurent in its latest collection. When leaving the office I would change my suit and wear a black and white stripped Michael Kors short and when going out in the evening, I would wear a bandeau top like the ones seen in the Balenciaga collection. What would you wear with those ankle boots?


Gucci - fall 2013

Those Emilio Pucci boots are to die for. I have always been a huge fan of suede and thigh boots. It’s therefore safe to say that I would buy and wear those boots in a heartbeat. They look great with short skirts and dresses, but also with tight pants. So many different ways to wear them….what’s not to love?!

Emilio Pucci


Oh Chanel….amazing, as usual! I love how those boots have been combined with an elegant and sobre style. The shoes and the gloves bring a little something to the more “conventional” outfit on the picture below, don’t you think?


Chanel - Fall 2013

Finally, I would love to have those Mulberry shoes. I love the heel’s shape and color. These high heels would look great with cropped pants and a white silky blouse with collar necklace. How would you wear these shoes?


Capture d’écran 2013-08-04 à 21.59.31

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