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3 purchases you’ll (probably) regret

They say going shopping is one of the best activity a girl could do on a Saturday afternoon! What they don’t tell you is that shopping can sometimes get very dangerous and you can end up buying stuff that you will never ever wear in the real world.


Inside the shops you have all those lights, those mirrors, people running around to find the perfect purchase that will make those 2 “getting ready hours” this morning worth it…and you can easily loose focus. You can end up buying something you never thought you’d buy and frankly don’t even need/want.

Does that sound familiar to some of you? Do you also have this hideous hat or that way too colorful/plastic-looking necklace hidden somewhere in your closet? I don’t know for you but I tend to leave them somewhere in my house and secretly hope that they will miraculously disappear.

So what are those things that we buy with such excitement and end up never wearing? Keep reading and find out what purchases to avoid during your next shopping session!

1. I tend to buy hats pretty often. I love hats because and I think they look amazing in the fashion magazines that I always read. The problem with hats is that when I wear them, they always ruin my brushing. So when I wear one and have to take it off in a restaurant or a bar, I don’t feel comfortable because I think my hair don’t look that nice after having been covered for the last 2 hours. I hope one day I can be a hat-wearing person! I really do and I work on it…sometimes!

2. I also like buying make-up and sometimes I do the mistake of buying a bright and colorful eyeshadow that I end up never using because I bought the wrong color. So next time you go eyeshadow shopping, make sure your don’t get carried away by the latest fashion campaign you just saw in Vogue, and buy the color that fits you perfectly.

3. We girls also often buy fake jewelries. It’s true that one cannot always buy very expensive jewelries and buying fake ones is totally fine. But there is a difference between “fake but beautiful” and “fake and fake looking as well”! No one will judge you for buying fake jewelries, but people will judge you if your jewelries scream “FAKE”. It’s therefore sad to say that we all sometimes buying a fake-fake jewelry, because at some point for no clear reason we thought that they were making a comeback. That illusion lasted probably as long as their come-back, meaning not that long and as soon as we’re home we’re already thinking “what was I thinking?”.

Are there other purchases that you guys regret and would like to share?


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