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Would you get a white ink tattoo?

With the years, tattoos have become very common and many people have one or more of them. Nevertheless, they happen to be perceived differently by people and cultures. When in some countries they are part of the culture in some others they a badly perceived. For example, some companies would never hire you if you have a tattoo when some others are looking for tattooed people.

The thing with tattoos is that they usually are very visible no matter on which part of your body they are. As soon as you show the tattooed part of your body, it is the first thing people notice. Even though I sometimes thought about getting a tattoo myself, I never really did because I was scared I would get tired of it and regret having something printed on my skin forever.

Recently I saw on the Internet that some people were getting white ink tattoos. It is exactly the same as the “usual” tattoo but they are much less visible and can still look cute. I checked some images online and I cannot decide. On one side I think it looks like you have a scratch and on the other side it can actually look nice if done correctly.

What do you guys think? Love or hate? Is this something you would consider?



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3 thoughts on “Would you get a white ink tattoo?

  1. seems interesting but not sure I’d get any tattoo. I have considered it but I’m so indecisive so really can’t figure out what design I would choose.

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