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How tech are you?

As girls I believe we are not technology specialists, which is why anytime I am talking with a tech-person and he is mentioning something about mega-bytes or any other tech-bla-bla I always look very lost. I can see that they see I don’t get anything, which leads to this very awkward silence where we both wish we were anywhere else, but here!

To be honest I have never been interested in technology. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology in the sense that it makes my life a lot easier, but to be honest I don’t need to understand the tech details of my phone or my computer. All I really need is to know that it is working the way I want it to work. Multiprocessors and Giga-bytes are usually not the things I read about when I have some free time.

But being a girly-girl, I love it when my tech accessories look like real fashion accessories. How about you? Do you feel the same way about technology? Then have a look at FaBC’s selection below and choose which accessory you would purchase to make your iPhone/iPad/iBlabla look fancier.

Urban Ears Plattan Headphones, $59.90

Capture d’écran 2013-07-05 à 00.02.52

Sarah Frances Kuhn x Meredith Wendell Arabia Black Mountain Deluxe Camera Strap, $75


Jonathan Adler on the go charger, £28


Mark phone It in bag, $24


iBoost portable Iphone 5 backup battery, $40


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